• Auto Sterilization System

Auto Sterilization System

Brand: LKS (M) Sdn. Bhd.


Feature & Function

•    User programmable
•    Setting of recipe
•    Key-Pad version or Touch screen version
•    Sterilizer interlock
•    Auto or Manual process
•    Data recording
•    Security password protection
•    Enhance steam management
•    Applicable for
     o    Horizontal sterilizer
     o    Vertical Sterilizer 
     o    Spherical Sterilizer
     o    Tilting Sterilizer
     o    Auto Clave Sterilizer
•   Integrated with Back pressure receiver                       (option)

Operation Mode

-    Auto Fully Automatic (FA):
     Sterilizer Sequential Interlock System

-    Auto Partial Automatic (PA):
     Stand-Alone Sterilizer

-    Manual Mode 1:
     Selector Switch Electrode-Pneumatic System

-    Manual Mode 2:
     Mechanical-Pneumatic Bypass System

-    Manual Mode 3:
     Mechanical Handwheel or Lever System


Fully programmable for multi-peak sterilizer process by advance touch screen interface device. Each controller are loaded with 3 process programs and maximum are 16 steps of operation

Door Sensor
Proximity non-contact sensor with maintenance free type.

Sterilizer Interlock process
The interlock sequence is design to prevent sudden demand of steam.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Modular design it is capable for future expansion to steam management.

Power Supply Stabilizer & Protection
Prevent voltage unstable and lightning surge.

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