• Remote Monitoring System

Remote Monitoring System


RMU is a device installed at remote location that collects data, compile the data into a format and transmit the data back to a RMU server.
RMU Server is designed to facilitate centralizer monitoring of GSM base Remote Monitoring Unit, customer can easily visualizations the status of each site.
It can customizable user control, meaning customer can create own user level and set access level for each user. Ulimit- ed user can be created and unlimited user can added into each user level.


  • Cloud System Database
  • Alert by SMS
  • Can up to 20 Analog Input Channel
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Easy maintenance and calibration
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Can send Daily and Monthly report by mail for the desire user
  • Available in 2 option connection type i) GSM ii) WIFI

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