• Biogas Online Analyzer BGA-1000F
  • Biogas Online Analyzer BGA-1000F
  • Biogas Online Analyzer BGA-1000F
  • Biogas Online Analyzer BGA-1000F
  • Biogas Online Analyzer BGA-1000F

Biogas Online Analyzer BGA-1000F

Brand: LKS (M) Sdn. Bhd.



1. Brief
2. System flow
3. Complete set
4. Technical parameter
5. Installation
6. Operation
7. Maintenance
8. Transportation and storage
9. Quality assurance
10. Detail Internal Layout (Appendix 1)


Analysis cabinet’s housing is stainless steel which is adaptable to corrosive environment. Besides, cabinet is sealed to prevent from corrosive gas. Intelligent
heater is built inside to ensure normal functioning of the system when inside temperature approaches 8℃. Analysis system can be programmed to realize auto‐drain and auto zero calibration function. Online infrared biogas analyzer is the core part of the system. Gas molecules Like CO2、CH4 which are composed of different types of atoms have absorption spectrum in infrared range. Absorption
intensity observes Lamber‐Beer’s Law. Our product is on the basis of it. In addition, electrochemical oxygen sensor measuring module can be installed internally so as H2S Sensor. One single analyzer can measure up to 4 gas components. Our equipment can be applied to detect the concentration of landfill gas, biogas and CO2、CH4、H2S、O2 produced in the biogas generating process.

It is applicable to various kinds of environment. Through analyzing parameter change, it helps to judge and alarm in industrial process. Meantime, 4‐20mA DC output and digital alarm output interface are available.

Working environment

Power Supply : 230VAC, 50HZ to 60HZ
Sample gas specification:‐
sampling pressure        :  3 ~ 20Kpa
exhaust pressure          :  0 ~ ‐10Kpa
Operating temperature  :  0 ~ 80􀀀C
Ambient temperature     : ‐10􀀀C ~ 55􀀀C

Flow Chart - Fig 1 

Specification :

•  Globe valve V1,V2 
   Type: Manual ball valve, stainless steel;
   Function: Cut off sampling and exhaust pipeline                          when doing maintenance

•  Throttling valve V5
    Type: Ø6 stainless steel needle valve, cutting                       sleeve connector;
    Function: adjust flow to a level of 0.7~1.2L/min

•  Gas-water separator FIT1
   Type: PTFE core, Filter size: 3um;
   Function: Separate liquid water and filter impurities                    of 3um

•  Ultra-filter FIT2
   Type: Fibre core,Filter size: 1um;
   Function: Filter impurities of 1um and above

 Solenoid valve V3,V4
    Type: DC24V,normally closed;
    Function: It is programmed to regularly evacuate                         water automatically.

 Heater JRQ
   Type: AC220V,300W;
   Function: Avoid pipeline freezing and plugging                            when the inside temperature is below                          8􀀀C

Complete System

Equipment and accessories:

No   Name                                      
1)    Biogas Analyzer                     
       Model : BGA‐1000F
       Qty : 01 unit

2)   Manual Ball Valve
       Model : 4‐way, Stainless steel  
       Qty : 02 unit

3)   Reducer Union    
      Model : ½”/Ø6mm Stainless Steel
      Qty : 02 unit

4)   Sampling and Exhaust pipe
       Model : ½”/Ø6mm PTFE
       Qty : 01 meter

5)    Insulation Pipe
       Qty : 01 meter

6)    Throttling valve
        Model : Ø6mm cutting sleeve, Stainless Steel
        Qty : 01 unit

7)     Spare Part

7.1)  Core 
        Model : Ø6mm
        Qty : 04 units

7.2)  Filter core of gas water
        Model : PTFE
        Qty : 01 unit

7.3)  Hexagon Wrench
        Model : M8
        Qty : 01 unit

8)     Documents

8.1)  Manufacturer Certificate
        Qty : 01 book

8.2)  Instrument manual
        Qty : 01 cert

Technical data

Gas Parameter: CH4 Methane
Principle: NDIR
Accuracy: ±1%FS
Nonlinearity: ≤±1%FS
Zero drift: ≤± 1%FS / per week
Output: 4~20mA( maximum 750 Ω),                                    DC/alarm output 2 point

Gas Parameter: CO2 Carbon Dioxide
Principle: NDIR
Accuracy: ±1%FS
Nonlinearity: ≤±1%FS
Zero drift: ≤± 1%FS / per week
Output: 4~20mA(maximum 750 Ω),DC/ alarm                      output 2 point

Gas Parameter: H2S Hydrogen Sulphide
Range: 0~1%(VOL)
Principle: ECD
Accuracy: 3%FS
Zero drift:≤0.05%(VOL)/per week
Temp. drift:≤±0.025%(VOL)
nonlinearity: ≤±0.5% full range
Output: 4~20mA(maximum 750 Ω),DC/ alarm                      output 2 point

Gas Parameter: O2 Oxygen
Accuracy: 3%FS
Zero drift:≤0.05%(VOL)/per week
Temp. drift:≤±0.025%(VOL)
Nonlinearity: ≤±0.5%full range
Output: 4~20mA(maximum 750 Ω),DC/ alarm                      output 2 point

Sampling gas pipe installation

 To avoid mechanical damage, it’s appropriate to lay     the sampling pipe and exhaust pipe along the             support frame or pipe chase.

•   If it is difficult to recycle the exhaust to process           pipeline, you can evacuate it in safe area.

  You can not apply in‐site air as zero gas which is       severely polluted. Collect clean air with extra pipe       line if it is so.

•   If it is in open area, there is no need to connect           extra pipeline to drain the water.

Electrical installation

•  Panel
   Power Consumption: 500Watt
   Power Supply: 230VAC, 50‐60Hz
   Power cord is led through power entrance to main      switch QF up end, cable model:RVV 3*1.5mm2

 Signal cable
    Apply cable model RVVP 8*0.75mm2 if it is                 4~20mA signal output. If it is digital alarm signal,         you should choose according to alarm component.
    There are 4 alarm cables in total. Connecting             terminal lies under the panel inside the cabinet.           Refer to instrument manual for specific wiring.


To ensure the pipeline is without leakage, check carefully after all installation work is done. Make sure that grounding work is done and power supply meets particular requirements.

Power on

Switch MCB and enter in warm‐up interface, then system starts to work. Close the cabinet door and tighten it with hexagon wrench. It takes 10min’s warm‐up time to enter in measuring interface.


First close V5 and then open V2, V1 in sequence, rotate V5 gently eventually till the flow is 1.0L/min. sampling gas will flow into analysis panel, it will show the gas components reading after a few seconds.


Instrument maintenance

Signal drift will occur if the analysis instrument is regularly used. It contains automatic zero calibration function. If you need calibrate manually, please refer
to concerning chapter.

Pipeline maintenance

To ensure reliable functioning of the system, you should check the pipeline working condition regularly to make sure that there is no leakage and plugging.
You can judge the trouble through below:

•   If there is tiny flow or even no flow in the flow             meter, please check whether the process pipeline       pressure is normal first and check whether the           pipeline is choked. Special notice: This trouble will     also appear if exhaust pipe is choked.

   If there is a huge discrepancy between                       measurement result and experience. There may         be leakage occurring.

Filter core maintenance

You should replace the filter material regularly according to actual pollution condition. Cut off sample gas valve and exhaust valve before replacing. To ensure tightness, lock cabinet door after replacement.


In cold weather condition, make sure there is no frost in drain 

Shipment and storage

Gas analysis system is highly sophisticated equipment. You should pack with wooden case stuffed with vibration‐absorptive material so that the glass will not be pressured against .Ensure the cabinet is in upright state in the process of shipment, anti‐moisture measures should be taken to protect electrical unit.

Quality Guarantee

After‐sales service commitment : 

  Calculated from the day when the products are           inspected and accepted, warrantee period is one       year.

   We will bear the freight cost and repair the                 products for free due to quality reasons if it is             under warrantee.

   Engineer on site will be charge according to man       day event the product is still under warranty.

   After warrantee period, we still assume repair             responsibility, but cost and freight fee will be               charged.

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