• Dust & Opacity Analyzer D10-DP

Dust & Opacity Analyzer D10-DP


D10-DP is a type-approved measuring device which combines the advantages of the measuring principles transmittance and scattered light forward. Therefore, it is ideal for measurement of very low to high dust concentrations. The automatic self-alignment optimized the position of the measuring beam and prevents incorrect measurement. An automatic check of zero and referencepoints as well as a contamination monitoring.

Product Overview
Dust & Opacity Analyzer
• Combination of transmittance, opacity and scattered light measurement.
• For very low to high dust concentrations.
• Automatic check of zero and reference point.
• Contamination monitoring and compensation on both sides. • Automatic self-alignment.

• Solid Fuel Boiler
• Gas Fuel Boiler
• Tunnel for Visibility • Generator Emission • Diesel Car Emission • Rubbish Incinerator • Power Plant Boiler
• Furnance
• Waste Incinerator

Field Application
• Emission Monitoring of power stations and waste incinerator plants.
• Monitoring of filter facilities.
• Measurement of dust concentrations in exhaust gas and exhaust air
ducts up and downstream of a filter

• Suitable for highly fluctuating dust concentrations. • Reliable application due to redundant measurement. • Low maintenance due to self-monitoring function.
• Future-proof for decreasing limit values.

Controller Unit
• Continuous monitoring in % (Opacity) and mg/m3 (Dust).
• Alarm contact for exceeded limit.
• Aid to Efficiency of combustion.
• Meet to the Department of Environmental Emission Standard Regulation. • Acknowledge Buzzer function.
• 4-20mA Analog output for Dust and Opacity. • RS485 Modbus Communication.
• Automatic Zero and Span check.
• CE Marked by TUV.

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